dill & parsley pesto

8th November 2009


Shopping for food can tell a lot about someone, from their spending habits, interests, family situation, health, etc.  I love nothing better than trawling through shopping aisles, delis, food shops waiting for new, exciting ingredients to pop out at me, or purchasing that ‘extra’ jar/bottle just in case I feel like making a particular dish.  I start out with a list, but invariably I am always ‘tempted’  by specials or some new, interesting ingredient.  I also do not plan my meals for the week.  What I cook depends solely on what I feel like that day, or it might be a particular new dish or ingredient I want to try.  Unfortunately, this habit also brings with it a very packed fridge, freezer and pantry, and then the ‘use-by’ date factor, which always leads to the wastage.

So, in the interests of saving money, time and the all-important catch-phrase of the moment – sustainable environment, I have decided to make do with what I have accumulated and what’s available in the garden, before making any unnecessary new purchases.

This brought me to today’s decision of ‘pesto’.  I had a favourite ‘fresh basil pesto’ that I would buy and stock a few tubs in my freezer, but, sadly I can no longer find this particular brand.  Rather than experimenting with new ready-made varieties which are quite expensive, compared to the cost of growing your own herbs, I decided to make my own, using herbs available in the garden.   Basil pesto – I could eliminate as I recently disposed of my plants due to woodiness and flowering.  Years ago, I discovered a dill and parsley version, which is also no longer available, so I decided to revisit this combo.  Very good with pasta, roasted kiphler potatoes or an assortment of roasted vegetables!  Any leftover, store in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer.


dill & parsley pesto


1 cup continental parsley, stalks removed, leaves only

½ cup fresh dill

2 Tbsp grated fresh parmesan cheese

¼ cup extra virgin cold pressed olive oil

2 Tbsp pine nuts

salt and pepper


1.  Add all ingredients to a food processor (I use a mini one) and process until combined and all dry ingredients are of a similar texture.  Add more oil if too dry.

2.  Serve tossed through pasta and roasted vegetables (beetroot, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin are a lovely mixture).  It is also perfect for vegetable lasagna.

Goodness shared from Donna

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  • goodnessis

    Hi Donna, made basil, wild rocket and parsley pesto (didn’t have dill in the garden) with roasted baby vegetables and pasta…so delicious! Thanks for the inspiration. xxx Stace

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