the sharing of recipes and inspirations between my sister & I living in different hemispheres, Donna in Australia and myself in Portugal. This blog’s beginnings were a way for us to keep in contact, uniting our common interests, to share, inspire and reflect our thoughts about life, cooking and organic gardening, and as an expression for our creativity.

The photos you see are of our garden & around where we live and the magic, miracles & beauty found in those gardens in the changing of the seasons.  One garden is what can be used on a sloped site, surrounding a pool in the suburbs of Brisbane, an Australian city; the other is near historical sites and palaces in a fairytale village in Sintra, complete with swans and ducks in Portugal.

We both love gardening, and these gardens teach us commitment, intuitive wisdom, to let go of expectations, and to listen, to experience gratitude and to expect miracles & magic – a true reflection in our daily life.  A garden takes us back to the deep knowledge that there is greater wisdom at work in all we create and experience.

We both aspire to live a quiet and balanced lifestyle inspired by Yogic teachings and to create appropriate food based on these teachings, prepared in a calm and relaxed state of mind.  Through these teachings and regular meditation practice, my life has been blessed and enriched, and this blog is a vehicle to share this awareness through recipes, daily life and images.

We hope to inspire you and bring you closer to your own inner quietness through this little window of ‘goodness is’ that we have created.

With blessings,

Stacey & Donna


elsewhere –    (Summer edition 5) (Winter edition 6)


  • Noel Canin

    This is one of the most aesthetic and inviting websites I have ever encountered. I am sending the link off to my entire family. thank you so much

  • goodnessis

    Thank you for your positive feedback, Noel! 🙂

  • Brenda

    What a beautiful blog, as you are.

  • Danielle Ward

    Great site of pure recipes and an interesting/wonderful thing you are doing to bond as sisters! What a creative idea! 🙂

    • goodnessis

      Thank you, Danielle for your encouraging words. Yes, it has been a wonderful way for us to bond through our love of natural, good food and cooking.
      Thanks for visiting, Donna 🙂

  • Jane

    Lovely blog! Will explore it more and more. Hope you’ll check out mine. 🙂
    I love that you have so many soup recipes. I found you while searching for a kitcheree recipe. I adore Indian food/cooking and am connected to Suvir Saran. If you aren’t familiar with his books or recipes, I highly recommend them. You can find his blog on my blog. Best to you! peace and love, jane

  • Katrina Sankey

    Hi Stacey. Love your website:) Tried the brown rice and quinoa pancakes but had trouble cooking them. Followed the directions and decided to add a tablespoon extra of shredded coconut for a slightly thicker blend. Just found that the mix stuck to the base of the pan and I couldn’t even get the spatula under to flip them. Managed to get one flipped but it tasted very doughy. Should I let the mixture be a bit runny? Don’t have a cast iron frying pan but used a non stick one. Could that also have caused the problem. Any suggestions ? Thanks Trina

    • goodnessis

      Hi Katrina, When I make them I also have trouble with the first two but after that they are fine. Make sure your skillet is hot before putting the first one on (this is important) and donot put any ghee or oil as this makes it difficult to spread. Is it a non-stick skillet (this is what I use), also check the batter to make sure it is smooth. I tend to have mine on the runny side, as I like them more crepe like. Do try again and please keep me updated at your progress. Glad you are visiting..stace

  • Emily

    What a beautiful site! I also arrived here searching for variations on kitcheree and am so glad I stumbled upon it. Recipes and photos look divine, and I especially love the Indian bent of so many of your recipes… one particular cooking style my fiancé and I, who are vegan and vegetarian, love to eat but don’t have much expertise in cooking. Also amazed one of you actually lives in Sintra—I visited the village about 10 years ago with my own sister and was completely enchanted. Hope to make it back someday.

    • goodnessis

      hi Emily, glad you stumbled upon us and enjoyed what you have found. That is a co incidence – Sintra is magical isn’t it? We have been here two years already and still finding hidden places and magical suprises. all the best Stace

  • Helen

    I went in search of information about soaking dahl to make kitcheree and happened upon your recipe. With background of studying Ayurveda with Dr. Lad in Albuquerque, NM, USA, it is refreshing to see your discussion of the use of onions and garlic, as well as the spices. If one is eating kitcheree for healing issues, what you say is what I was taught in school.
    So thank you for the authentic article and lovely recipe.

  • Georgia

    So excited I stumbled accross you can not wait to try the recipes thank you 🙂

  • Lorraine Tuffias

    Hi Stace,
    With multitudes pressures of family, work and life bearing down, I wanted to reconnect to purity, balance and goodness and I thought of you. It’s been a while since I last saw you, so I went into your blog. It is such a joy! Interesting and insightful as well as informative. Thank you so much. Big kiss. Lorraine.

    • goodnessis

      Dear Lorraine, My heart did a little jump for JOY seeing a little bit of YOU coming to visit. I hope we will see you soon, maybe in December in Israel. Sending you purity of light, balance and goodness. love Stace

  • Kristin

    Yes, they are BIG and beautiful!!! We love your food, your site, your creative vision. xxoo, kristin

  • Isabel Abreu

    Hi Stace,
    Your blog is beautiful, well written and inspiring. I’ve already tried some of your food, as you know, and I’m impressed with such a variety and so much expertise!
    Bless you!

  • anthony

    Im glad to have found your delight filled space. Your kindness is deeply appreciated ~

    Wishing you endless wishing wells…

  • francis

    LOVE. I just found you. How strange. I have been looking into Ayurveda for a bit, and came upon your blog randomly because I was looking up the health benefits of my weekly oat milk making (I love it in green tea). I am mesmerized and captivated and I could not be more thrilled that I found you. I am looking forward to a mug of tea, a curl up on the couch, and an afternoon reading your blog and taking in your recipes. Thank you so much for being here. xoxo

  • francis

    If you have any questions about bread, do not hesitate to email me. Can you see my email on your end? If so, feel free to use it. I have been baking for 6 years now, and I love to share what I know! xo

  • Lorraine Tuffias

    Dearest Stace,
    It’s been a long while since I’ve seen you, yet you and the family are often in my thoughts. Feeling very pensive and very grateful for my many blessings through this holiday season, I was once again drawn to your wonderful blog for some calm and quiet and of course, inspiring recipes. The fig , almond and citrus biscuits look marvellous and I’ll give them a try next week. Seems like just what is needed to counter- balance the matzo we have been eating lately. The beautiful pictures of your lovely home make me miss you all very much.
    Hoping to
    See you some time soon, maybe in India. Much love to you all. Big kiss. Lorraine

  • Lorraine Tuffias

    From time to time, I come to your site for inspiration, variety and an upgrade to the dishes I serve to my family. Your goodness and purity always shine through every recipe and picture. Thank you so much for your continued rays of light. Much love

  • Leigh Ann Lesho

    Harih Om, Stace!

    I love everything about this. I feel like I just spent a truly meaningful hour of my day here with you. I look forward to trying some of the recipes you’ve shared! Sending my love to you and Jonathan <3<3<3

    Leigh Ann
    Tucson, AZ, USA

    • Stacey Fisher

      Dearest Leigh Ann, So lovely you came to visit. I love seeing you in class with your son sitting in the background absorbing these teachings. Sending blessings your way.
      Namaste Stacey

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