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Goodness is……

the sharing of food files and jottings between two sisters living in different hemispheres, one in Australia and one in Israel Portugal.  This blog was started as a way for us to keep in contact uniting a common interest, to share and collect ideas about natural cooking, and as an outlet for our creativity.

We both advocate wholesome, natural, healthy food.  Each post focuses on a ‘Goodness is…’  theme around a particular food with a creation/find from each sister.  The majority of the recipes are created by us, but at times we will post ‘too good not to’  finds from others.  These will clearly state their source and we will provide a link where relevant.

2 rules are followed…..food close to its beginnings and food that tastes good.

The recipes listed here are primarily vegetarian, as these are the preferred option of one and a lifestyle choice of the other.  The majority of the posts will centre around healthy choices, however there will also be episodes of indulgence.  These recipes will have been adapted to ensure natural, unrefined ingredients are used.  Where possible, we use mostly unrefined and organic foods in all our recipes.

What you will find are our ideas about food gleaned mostly from reading, research and experimentation.  We both share a passion for discovering, creating and experimenting with good food and home organic vegetable gardening.  One garden is what can be used on a sloped site surrounding a pool in the suburbs of an Australian city; the other is near historical sites and palaces in a fairytale village in Sintra, complete with goats swans,  geese ducks, and chickens in IsraelPortugal.

We hope you enjoy our jottings and recipes and please feel free to print any you would like to try.  In using our recipes, you agree to abide by our conditions of use.  Our logo and name, ‘Goodness is…’ cannot be duplicated.  You are free to adapt any recipes or keep as is, as long as reference to us is made evident.  Notification by email is required if reproducing/publishing/linking to our site or any part thereof.

We would love to hear from you about any queries, comments, your own ideas or suggestions on our recipes or on cooking with natural wholefoods.  Use the ‘Add comment’ at the end of each post for this or email us.

We hope you enjoy and share your food journey with us,

Donna & Stacey

Email :  goodness_is@yahoo.com.auP1080474