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25th April 2010

Recently I have been increasing the intensity and length of my training sessions, whether it be a run or a resistance workout, and there is always the immediate need for a quick recovery snack.   Over the years, I have experimented with various ‘high protein’ powders of which are inevitably expensive and full of  ‘extra unwanted additives’.  Also, the taste leaves a lot to be desired.  Over the last month, I have been experimenting and trying to come up with a natural alternative that tastes great.  And, finally I have, plus it is relatively inexpensive, depending on the quality of your ingredients.   I opt for organic products.  It is, of course, the smoothie.  Nothing new, but with all-natural ingredients, it becomes a perfect post-exercise drink for replacing energy and aiding muscle recovery.

post-workout smoothie


a handful of ice cubes

1 cup soy/skimmed milk (organic)

1 banana

handful blueberries (frozen or fresh)

2 Tbsp natural organic yoghurt (sugar-free and no additives)

2 Tbsp natural soy whey protein powder (Aim for natural, with no other additives.  I buy mine from a health food shop where it is stocked in bulk.  If buying pre-packaged, read the label to ensure you are not getting and paying for anything nasty)


1.  Add ice cubes to blender, crush lightly first, then add all other ingredients.

2.  Blend until smooth.  The crushed ice makes it quite a thick smoothie, but if you prefer a liquidy consistency, lessen or omit the ice cubes.

Makes enough for 2 medium-sized glasses.

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