raw date balls

date chocolate balls (vegan)

14th January 2013


The festive season brings with it many treats.

Usually associated with over-indulgence and richness. But, not these special treats.  A friend of mine, Caroline, brought these delectable treats over on New Year’s Eve. Now, when she told me she was bringing ‘Chocolate Date Balls’, I visualised the decadent, sugary variety. One bit of these proved my thinking to be correct. But, not accurate in the least.

Caroline’s son is a bit of a health foodie and a very talented ultra-runner. In his quest to enhance his performances, he constantly experiments with a variety of superfoods, recipes and natural, wholefood diets. Inspired by the antioxidants that cacao provides (the good quality raw version), his girlfriend found this little treasure of a recipe.

Pure goodness in a natural state with minimal ingredients.





and rolling goodnesses of choice

Too easy and tastes almost too good to be truly good for you. And yet it is. Hard to believe, I know.

Something that needs to be tried for yourself to believe how good they really are.

date chocolate balls

Makes approx. 30 small balls


500g packed pitted dates, roughly chopped

3 Tbsp good-quality raw cacao powder

dash of water

handful chopped almonds (or nuts of choice)

extra cacao for rolling

shredded/desiccated coconut (toasted if you prefer)


1.  Add dates, almonds and cacao to a bowl and toss through so cocoa is spread evenly.

2.  Add a dash of water and using your hands, mould and squash mixture to form a sticky, smooth paste. Add more water if necessary (be careful as too much will make the mixture too runny).

3.  Have small, individual bowls of the extra cacao, coconut or other rolling ingredients (eg. finely chopped nuts of choice)

4.  Using a teaspoon, scoop up a small ball of mixture. Place in the palm of the hand, and use both hands to roll mixture into a smooth, ball shape.

5.  Roll ball in the topping of choice. Place in a sealed container lined with baking paper. Continue forming balls and rolling in the mixture. Seal container and store in the fridge.

Be warned. They may not last too long, though.

Goodness shared from Donna

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