puffed rice (vegan)

2nd July 2009


This slice was created about 7 years ago, and it is one of my ‘healthy’ recipes that my husband loves and requests.  I haven’t made it for years and had forgotten all about it until he reminded me the other day that I never make it anymore.  A visit to the health food store was required for stocking up on puffed brown rice (no sugar and additives), chemical free almonds, sunflower seeds, tahini and brown rice syrup.  Armed with my supply, along with some ‘coconut sugar’  which will be my next experimental ingredient, the puffed rice slice finally returned and disappeared just as quickly.

puffed rice & nut slice

Try to avoid using the packaged/boxed puffed rice as it is full of sugar and additives.  Health food stores sell organic puffed brown rice in bulk as well as many other varieties.  For this recipe, Nutella was used for the nut butter, not exactly ‘healthy’, but my husband’s favourite.


1 cup brown rice puffs (larger than normal)

2 cups brown puffed rice (standard size)

1 cup almonds, whole

1 cup sunflower seeds

¾ cup malted milk powder

4 Tbsp hulled tahini

¾ cup brown rice syrup

2 Tbsp 100% natural peanut butter (other kinds of nut butter will work)


1.  Preheat oven to 160 Celsius.  Line a tray with baking paper.

2.  Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl.

3.  Add tahini, brown rice syrup and nut butter of choice.

4.  Use hands to mix all ingredients together.  It should be quite sticky.

5.  Press mixture down firmly and evenly onto tray using hands.  Use the back of a spoon to smooth surface.

6.  Bake in the oven for 10 – 12 minutes.   Keep a close lookout so that slice does not burn.  Remove from oven when edges begin to brown.  It will be soft and bubbly at this stage, but don’t worry as it will harden when cools.

7.  When cool and firm, cut into squares.  Store in an airtight container.  You may find it will stick together, so separate with baking paper when storing.DSC_0107

Shared goodness from Donna


22nd June 2009


I woke up on Friday with newfound energy and found myself in the kitchen inspired to make my weekly granola, tofu, ghee and dosa batter supplies.  All in one morning!

As a family, we try to stay away from processed boxed cereals.  These are heated to such high temperatures and pressures, making them very hard to digest.  I needed to devise something to tempt my children and keep them tempted.  Something that tasted good.  This granola seemed to do the trick.


Meet our very naughty, mischievous goats – Grace & Ester


Enjoying this version above, dried apricots, macadamia, orange & lemon zest


Lately, I have been grinding 2 cups of the oats to rough flour and adding ½ cup water to the wet ingredients  – creating clusters of crunchy oats throughout.  

I often prepare a batch of granola and a jar of homemade almond milk to give as a gift for a housewarming or to say thank you.  Just bottle it in a jar or paper bag with a homemade label.

Makes about 6 cups 


500g/5 cups flaked rolled oats

200 – 300g/2 cups flaked almonds/finely chopped slivers of whole almonds

50g/½ cup each sunflower and sesame seeds

65g/¾ cup unsweetened coconut flakes

¼ tsp ground cardamom powder

2 tsp cinnamon powder

½ tsp fine rock salt

1 Tbsp vanilla essence

½ cup ghee/cold-pressed coconut oil/olive oil (I use an equal mix of ghee & oil)

½ cup maple syrup

¼ cup brown rice syrup

160g/1 cup dried fruit, coarsely chopped (sultanas, cranberries, dates, goji, figs or dried apricots)


1. Preheat oven to 350F/180C.

2.  In a large bowl, combine oats, flaked almonds, seeds, coconut flakes, cardamom, cinnamon powder and salt; stir to combine.

3.  In a separate bowl, whisk together the melted ghee, oil, maple syrup, brown rice syrup and vanilla essence.

4.  Pour over the oat mixture and combine well, for 1 minute, so all is well-coated.

5.  Spread the granola mixture on a deep baking tray and roast in the oven for 30 – 40 minutes. Turn the granola over every 8 – 10 minutes.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

6.  Once cool, stir in the dried fruit. The granola will continue to crisp as it stands.   

Serve with fresh milk, homemade almond milk or creamy yoghurt, and seasonal fruit.  Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Shared goodness from Stacey

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