flu remedy tea

ginger lemon honey healing tea – cold and flu remedy

22nd November 2010


Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Lemon helps with elimination as well as fight viral infection and is high in Vitamin C.  Ginger is an overall universal medicine and detoxifier, and the black pepper helps to destroy the mucus in the digestive tract and sinuses.  Both the ginger and pepper are warming and stimulating which is great to promote sweating encouraging to expel impurities in the system.

ginger lemon honey healing tea


1-inch x 2-inch piece of ginger, unpeeled and cut into thin slices. (The amount of surface area you expose and the thinner you slice, the more kick you will taste.)

½ – 1 lemon, freshly squeezed

2 pinches salt

2 pinches freshly ground black pepper

1  – 2 big Tbsp raw honey


1.  Place all the ingredients except the honey in a large mug and fill with steaming hot water.

2.  Wait 10 minutes to cool slightly, then stir in the honey. Taste. Add more honey, or more lemon until perfect.  It’s also great if left to sit at room temperature so the ginger infuses all its goodness. Drink three-six times a day.

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