green lemonade

13th July 2013


Sometimes inspiration comes…

In the form of a slow walk around the garden.  At first glance, it all seems to blur into a whole lot of greenery, but then something lets go and releases.  My breathing slows… pace slows… head clears… heart softens and I am surrounded by the rhythmic breath of the trees.  I allow the green and light to soak in and I begin to notice the infinite beauty all around….gratitude and appreciation goes out.



The benefits of juicing –

(Wild about Greens – Nava Atlas)

Juices give you an instant energy boost.  When you drink freshly made juices, you are getting the energy right away without waiting for your body to digest it.  This has an immediately emerging effect.

Even without all of the fibre contained in smoothies, juices are a great way to flush out your system and to cleanse your body.

Fresh juices are a shortcut to pure nutrition.  A freshly made juice bypasses the need to digest the fibres before you get all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.  This is ideal for people who have digestion problems and need to heal themselves before they can absorb nutrients from whole foods.

Drinking juice adds more nutrition to your day without making you feel as if you’ve just eaten a whole meal.

green lemonade

Serves 2


2 handfuls spinach, kale or chard, including stems

½ lemon, peel and all

1 medium cucumber

2 green granny smith apples


1. Rinse all ingredients.

2.  Put through a juice machine in the order they appear.

Enjoy immediately!


Goodness shared from Stacey

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  • Anna Gatmon

    Looks so fresh, and I love the photos. So delicate. Is there no sweetener in this drink? (dates, maple syrup).

    • goodnessis

      No sweetener, You would think it would be sour but not at all as it has a wonderful fresh and cleansing taste just don’t be tempted to add to much spinach as this can imbalance the taste. Lately, only because I have an abundance – I have been adding a ripe pear to try and use them up and this makes it sweeter but most of the time I enjoy it as it is. Also my mistake this should be put through a juicer and not a blender.

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