chickpea sambar with pumpkin celery & fresh coriander

1st December 2013

P1070142I love Autumn

 and I am taking every opportunity to relish in its rain and

vibrant green,

the early morning dew and it’s amazing,



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It is enough. 


I am enough.

chickpea sambar with pumpkin celery & fresh coriander

When I make this to serve with dosa,  I leave out the yellow dal and add another cup of chickpeas, as the lessened water makes it a thick consistency for dosa.


1 cup chickpeas (soaked overnight)
¼ cup moong dal/red lentils
½ teaspoon turmeric powder

1 Tbsp finely chopped ginger

1 cup ripe tomatoes, finely chopped

3 cardamom pods

2 stalks celery

2 medium carrots

1 cup peeled, finely chopped pumpkin

sambar-coconut mixture

1 – 2 tsp Sambar powder, depending on your preferred spice

¼ cup dried shredded coconut

1 cup water


1 Tbsp ghee

½ tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp jaggery/brown sugar

½ tsp tamarind paste

1 tsp rock salt

fresh coriander


1.   Drain the chickpeas and bring them to the boil in a deep pot of water – simmer for a good hour or more until soft.

2.  Wash the lentils and allow to soak in water.

3.  Heat oil or ghee in a heavy-bottomed pot, when hot, add the turmeric, ginger and tomatoes.

4.  Lightly crush the seeds of the cardamom pods and stir them in.

5.  Place the lid on the pot and allow to simmer for  10 minutes, stirring occasionally so there is no sticking on the bottom of the pot – the liquid from the tomatoes keeps everything moist.

6.  Add the celery, carrots and pumpkin and add to the pot, along with the drained cooked chickpeas and 3 cups or more of water, bring to boil, then turn down to a simmer – cook at a gentle bubble until the lentils are soft and the vegetables are tender.

prepare the sambar-coconut mixture

7.  Place in a blender, the coconut and sambar powder and 1 cup water. Blend into a smooth paste – 1 minute.

8.  Add to the chickpea. Use a little water to swish the blender clean of any remaining sambar-coconut paste.

prepare the voggarane

7.  In a small pan, add ghee, when hot, add the cumin seeds and curry leaves.

8.  Pour the voggarane into the chickpea and stir in the tamarind paste, jaggery and salt.

9.  Add the roughly chopped fresh coriander and stir through.

Serve over a bed of brown basmati or in winter, whole barley.  Drizzle lavishly with ghee.  Serve with a lemon-dressed green, leafy salad with steamed broccoli and a sprinkling of sesame and pumpkin seeds.


Goodness shared from Stacey

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