orange marmalade jam

6th February 2012


There is an orange tree that sits right on the edge of the vegetable garden. In Spring, the citrus trees are in full bloom, and two of the triangles are carpeted with their snowy, white blossoms.  The air is sweet, pungent and glorious.  Its scent follows you around wherever you go. In Summer, the flowers are replaced with round, green balls of fruit, and in Autumn, the fruit starts to blush a soft yellow.  And by the start of Winter, the two triangles in the vegetable garden are carpeted with oranges that fall ripe and ready from the tree.  This year these oranges are small.  It was a long, hot, dry Summer and this poor little tree suffered. I did find some bigger ones, though, and their juice is sweet.  Perfect for a sticky, orange marmalade jam with a taste of sun on toast.


orange marmalade jam

Makes 4 jars


1 kg juicy oranges – approx five large oranges

1 lemon

500g light brown sugar


1.  Using a small, sharp kitchen knife, cut the oranges and lemon in half, then in half again so that you have quarters.  Scoop out as many seeds as you can and thinly slice each quarter into fine shreds and small pieces (or thicker slices if you like a chunkier texture).

2.  Place the oranges, lemon shreds and sugar into a heavy-bottomed pan, bring to boil, cover, then lower the heat so that the liquid continues to simmer merrily – simmer, covered for 3 hours until the peel is soft.  In intervals, lift the lid, scoop off any seeds you may have missed that have floated to the surface, and stir.

3.  Ladle into sterilised pots and seal.  Freeze the jars and defrost them as needed.  Because of the low sugar content, the jam needs to be kept in the fridge.


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