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14th August 2013



it is in the little wonders,  the hidden treasures,  it’s in all things,

the big and small, in the ordinary and the extraordinary.

The light, the color……go outside and see for yourself,

and breathe into it…..


zucchini & spinach palya

Inspired by a dish Jonathan made for me on my birthday

Summer squashes – zucchini, scaloppine, yellow crookneck – are light, cool, and easy to digest.  Perfect for relieving Pitta, especially on a hot summer day.  And with warming spices like mustard seed or cumin, they balance Kapha and Vata.

ingredients :

2  medium sized zucchinis

350g dark leafy greens eg young leaves of spinach, chard, beetroot and or kale

¼ cup freshly shredded coconut (2 Tblsp dry coconut)

1 tsp black gram (urad dal – split and husked white dal)

1 tsp bengal gram (chana dal – a split and husked relative of the chickpeas.)

½ tsp rock salt

2 tsp jaggery

1 tsp ghee

1 tsp cumin seeds

preparation :

Wash the bengal gram and black gram in water, then cover with fresh water and leave to stand for one hour.  Drain and set aside.

Remove the course stems from the greens.  Steam the spinach until just wilted and slightly soft.  Set aside to cool.  Squeeze out excess water and slice into thin slivers.

Chop the zucchini into small pieces.

Warm a little ghee in a large saute pan over medium heat.  Drop in the black gram and bengal gram in and fry until it changes to a light brown or golden colour.  Add the zucchini and stir until the desired tenderness.   Add the salt, jaggery and coconut and combine well.  Add the spinach stirring until well combined.

Heat a teaspoon of ghee in a small pan add the cumin seeds and fry briefly.  Drizzle over the zucchini dish. Serve with millet and a beetroot salad, and a simple golden dal.


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