light & cleansing – green gram tovve, carrot palya, white basmati rice

14th June 2020

I like to prepare this combination when my digestion (agni) is out of balance and needs something soothing, light and clean.  Our agni allows us to digest our food, assimilate the nutrients and let go of waste. When our digestive fire is working properly, our overall health is at its optimal, leaving our mind clear and calm and our body energized.

This combination has balancing vegetables, cleansing qualities and supports the calmness and quietness of the body and mind. Carrots are naturally sweet, suitable for yoga practice, and brighten up any dish you add them to. Split moong is therapeutic due to its soothing and balancing qualities.

Prepare this as a first meal mid-morning or as a light dinner.

the menu:


green gram tovve (yellow split moong dal)

Add finely chopped cabbage or chuchu towards the end of cooking.

carrot palya

Cut the carrot into small uniform cubes instead of grating. Add a ¼ cup of water and simmer uncovered until the water evaporates.

white basmati rice

To keep it light and suitable for weaker digestion, serve with white rice as opposed to brown. White rice is considered sattvic, which grounds and satisfies the mind.

Don’t forget to drizzle with 1 – 2 spoons of ghee to enhance the taste and aid digestion.



“Our digestive fire is a combination of many secretions, including pepsin, hydrochloric acid, bile, and other enzymes. Because there are variations of those secretions throughout the day, our digestion may be weak, or even not work at all, if we eat at wrong times.”

~ The Sacred Tradition of Yoga – Dr Shankaranarayana Jois ~

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