creamy oat cinnamon banana smoothie

11th January 2015


My son had dental work done the other day and found it difficult to eat anything solid. This is where this smoothie came in, inspired by Donna’s breakfast oat smoothie.  Creamy, filling and wonderfully nutritious for a liquid meal.

Oats are a wonderful source of protein, high in folate, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and zinc.  They are also known for their cleansing properties.  The soaking of the rolled oats increases their digestibility, enabling the nutrients to be better absorbed by your body and creating a creamier consistency.  The nut butter boosts the protein in the smoothie…great for two growing hungry, happy teenagers.


creamy oat cinnamon banana smoothie

Makes 2 large glasses


cup whole oat groats  (If you don’t want to wait to soak the oats you can use quick-cooking oats)

2 cups almond milk

2 Medjool dates

1 small apple, cored

2 medium frozen bananas

1 Tbsp ground flaxseeds

2 Tbsp almond butter

1 tsp vanilla essence

cinnamon powder, sprinkling on top


1.  Soak the oats in a drop of fresh lemon juice and cover with filtered water for 1 hour or preferably overnight.


2.  In a high-speed blender, add the oats, almond milk, dates, apple, bananas, ground flaxseeds, almond butter and vanilla essence – blend on high until you have a creamy consistency – 1 minute.

3.  Pour into glasses, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon powder.


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  • Anna Gatmon

    Yum!!! Am going to soak some oats right now. Looks and sounds delicious. I love the photos of corners in your house… but again, the cat photo wins. they are so funny those two cats, looking in… and wishing they were in. I hope you did let them in after you got this wonderful shot of them. And, I hope you gave them some ‘creamy oat, cinnamon & banana smoothie’ to lick, as payment for posing for your photo.

    • goodnessis

      you made me giggle. xxxxx We call them ‘one ear’ and ‘Louey’. Louey was the previous owner cat and One Ear just turned up. Both outdoor cats and hold up permanent position outside our kitchen door..just waiting and waiting… Do you see the two blurry barge photo’s behind the jigsaw puzzles? Memories of a wonderful adventure we all had!

  • Anna Gatmon

    Just soaked the oatmeal for my morning smoothie, and pealed 2 bananas, and put them in a bag in the freezer. Will let you know how the smoothie turns out, and whether Lev liked it… Yes, now that you tell me, I can recognize the barge photos. Memorable time together… These two cats made me LOL. They have this look on their face. I guess they do want to come in and be offered some of that ‘creamy oat, cinnamon & banana smoothie’. LOL.

  • Anna Gatmon

    We have a consensus! It is delicious!!! I added 1/2 a teaspoon freshly ground cardamom, which I love. I think it goes well with the flavors. I think that the almond butter gives a satiated feeling, so that it can be a fulfilling meal on its own. Great breakfast. Another keeper. Thanks. Sending much love.

    • goodnessis

      yeah!!! success…I love the idea of the cardamon but unfortunately Elijah has a thing with cardamon, up there with tomatoes..i was lucky to get away with sprinkling on the cinnamon powder. xxxxx

  • Anna Gatmon

    Made this again and am having it as I’m writing this comment. Yummy!!! Delicate, nourishing, and satisfying. Added 1 tsp. of cardamom again. I love the flavor it adds. I do peal the bananas before freezing them. I didn’t do it the 1st time and couldn’t peel them once they were frozen; had to wait for them to defrost a bit. It is pouring rain outside, which I am loving. It’s a day for warm rice pudding. Will make your recipe later…

    • goodnessis

      i am back into morning lunches after my week of recovery – taking it slowly. i made almond milk yesterday and looking forward to this smoothie later as well. i love how its creaminess feels so decadent. enjoy the rain – its sunny and very crisp here. xxxx

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