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16th July 2009

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I turned 40 last weekend and while the children stayed with their grandparents and aunt in London, I travelled up to the countryside in England with my dearest friend, Mary, who flew over from India, and my other dear friend, Anna, who followed from Israel.  We caught the train up to Carlisle and stayed with another dear, dear friend, Lulu, who lives on a very beautiful farm outside of  Brampton.

I celebrated in the quiet and in nature and in the company of three amazing women.  So many moments, so many blessings and so much sweetness shared.

Lulu had made this delicious chocolate roulade on the morning of my birthday.  The original recipe comes from ‘The Avoca Cafe Cookbook’.  The roulade itself has a very rustic, homemade look to it which just adds to its charm!

chocolate roulade

Serves 8- 10


5 eggs, separated

175g caster sugar

175g dark chocolate (55 – 70 % milk solids)

75mL water

300mL pint double cream

icing sugar or berries to decorate


1.  Pre-heat oven to 180C/350F. Line a 28 x35cm Swiss roulade tray with foil and grease lightly.

2.  Put the chocolate and water in a bowl, set over a pan of simmering water.  Leave until the chocolate has melted, stirring occasionally until smooth.  Leave to cool slightly.

3.  Using an electric beater with the whisk attachment, whisk the egg yolks and caster sugar together until the mixture is pale and mousse-like.  Hold a figure of eight trails from the whisk.

4.  Fold the melted chocolate mixture into the egg yolk mixture.

5.  Whisk the egg whites until they form stiff peaks, then fold into the chocolate mixture.

6.  Pour into the tin and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes, or until firm to touch in the centre. Remove and cover with a damp cloth and leave to cool.

7.  Turn the roulade out onto a sheet of baking parchment and peel off the foil.

8.  Whip the cream and spread it evenly on top, then roll up, using the baking parchment to help.

9.  Dust with icing sugar and garnish with raspberries or strawberries.

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6533_1182050866919_1097637057_568082_1152894_nGoodness given to Stacey

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