spelt brown rice bread with sesame

12th April 2015


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spelt brown rice bread with sesame

Since discovering this bread, I have been making it often.  It is quite special in the fact that it doesn’t feel heavy to digest and it has a slight sourdough taste.  The original recipe uses brown rice and sweet rice.  As  I didn’t have sweet rice,  I used amaranth which has a sweet and nutty flavour and has the same sticky quality as sweet rice when cooked.  

‘ The dough needs to ferment at room temperature for 14 hours.  I like to make the mixture at 5 p.m., then continue the process at 7 a.m., and enjoy the bread by 10 a.m.  The recipe is pretty forgiving, so don’t worry if you’re slightly off with the timing.’ –  Amy Chaplin.

Recipe from At home in the Whole Food Kitchen.

Makes one 12-inch loaf (the longer loaf pan creates a less crumbly loaf when slicing)

ingredients :

2½ cups/300g whole-spelt flour or sprouted spelt flour

½ cup/135g organic cornmeal (can use polenta)

½ tsp instant yeast

1½ tsp fine Himalayan salt

1½ cups warm filtered water

1 tsp unrefined sesame oil or coconut oil, for oiling the bread pan

2 cups cooked round brown rice and amaranth (½ cup/100g brown rice and ¼ cup/50g amaranth, preferably soak overnight)

¼ cup unhulled sesame seeds, divided

to ferment the bread :

Combine spelt flour, cornmeal, yeast, and salt in a medium bowl.  Add water and mix until combined. The dough will be sticky and quite wet. Cover bowl with a plastic bag secured with a rubber band, or plastic wrap, and allow to sit at room temperature (70F/21C) for 14 hours.

to cook the rice & amaranth :

Place the rinsed, soaked brown rice and amaranth in a small saucepan with 1½ cups of water (add 4 more tablespoons of water if the rice  & amaranth has not been soaked overnight) and simmer covered until cooked.  Set aside to cool completely.

to assemble the bread :
Brush loaf pan with oil.  Remove plastic from the bowl (save it for covering the bread again), measure 2 cups of cooked brown rice & amaranth, and add half the sesame seeds to the dough.  With your hands,  mix together the rice and seeds, taking a moment to enjoy the process. Sprinkle some of the left-over seeds into the loaf pan, they should stick to the sides and bottom.  Leave some for sprinkling over the top.

Place the dough in the oiled pan and press lightly to distribute evenly.  Sprinkle the top with remaining sesame seeds and cover with the reserved plastic wrap.  Place in a draft-free place to rise for 1 hour.

to bake the bread :

Pre-heat oven to 350F/180C.

Bake bread for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until a crust has formed and bread sounds hollow when tapped.   Allow to cool, then remove bread from pan.

This bread is simply delicious with a good quality olive oil, a sprinkling of Maldon salt, a few rounds of freshly ground pepper and spring greens, compliments from the garden!  Enjoy with your loved ones.


Goodness shared from Stacey

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