fermented mungbean pancakes……a great alternative to bread.

by goodnessis


fermented mungbean pancakes

The original recipe came from my dear, dear friend, Lu-Lu and where she got it from I don’t know, but it is a special one.  What I like most about it,  is it is a very good alternative to bread.  I change the spices to whatever appeals that day.  The mixture keeps happily in the fridge if you only want to make one or two – they are best freshly cooked, of course!

1 cup of mung beans


a little ghee

1 tspn cumin seeds

1/2 tspn turmeric

salt and pepper

pinch of cayenne

fresh coriander

Soak the mung beans overnight.  Next morning, drain, and refresh with enough water to make a creamy consistency when blended.  You want the mixture quite thick. Add 1/2 tesp salt and  leave covered to sit for at least 6 hours (this gives the mixture a chance to ferment and develop lots of wholesome B vitamins).

When it is a little bubbly, it is ready to cook.

In a small pan, heat a little ghee or oil.  Add the cumin seeds and turmeric.  Allow the cumin seeds to brown a little. Remove from heat and add this to the mixture, along with the fresh coriander, pepper and the cayenne.  Mix well.


Heat a little ghee/oil, and place a big spoonful of the mixture onto a hot skillet.  Flatten out with the back of a spoon/ladle so the pancake is the size of a small saucer.  Cook for about 8 minutes on each side.

They are quite filling and very delicious spread with guacamole, olive paste, cottage cheese, hummus or used instead of a roti with Indian food.   I have also enjoyed them for breakfast with an omelette and labne cheese.

These pancakes originally come from Rajasthan where they are fried lavishly in ghee!!


Shared goodness from Stacey

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